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Non-Medical Attendant (NMA)

IACH authorizes one adult family member to travel with an Active Duty dependent patient as a non-medical attendant (NMA). This requirement is waived when the patient is a minor, less than 18 years of age. An NMA must be at least 21 years of age if the NMA is not a parent. The NMA is not required to be a beneficiary.

Medical Necessity for NMA

The medical necessity of an NMA is requested in writing and signed by the referring or attending physician. The request must also be authorized by the Patient Travel Office before traveling. The letter will include the patient’s name, date/time/location of treatment, length of time and justification for an NMA.

If a patient requires an NMA for more than two days or follow-up appointments, the patient must obtain a letter from the treating physician validating the continued medical necessity for an NMA. Prior authorization from the Patient Travel Office is also required for any follow-up appointments. Without pre-authorization from the Patient Travel Office, the NMA will not be eligible for travel expense reimbursement. An NMA is authorized reimbursement of actual travel expenses only. IACH will assist an NMA with creating a profile in Defense Travel System (DTS).

Active Duty Soldier NMA

When an Active Duty Soldier is referred for outpatient treatment and an NMA is required but no family member is available, the Soldier's unit is responsible for assigning and funding an NMA's travel. To access additional information for NMA procedures that are specific to Active Duty Soldiers assigned as NMA click here: Active Duty Personnel.

When a Soldier requires an NMA who is not an Active Duty Soldier, IACH is responsible for funding and processing DTS orders for that NMA. When a patient is a dependent or retiree who requires an NMA, IACH is responsible for initiating, processing, and funding an NMA’s DTS orders.

If an NMA family member is an Active Duty Soldier authorized by IACH or TRICARE Regional Office, the Soldier is entitled to TDY allowances. For travel than 12 hours, allowances include mileage only; for travel more than 12 hours, per diem and mileage.

Lodging for NMA

NMA must receive prior authorization before travel from the Patient Travel Office for lodging reimbursement.

NMA Extension

Orders for NMAs cannot exceed 30 days unless an extension is determined medically necessary by the Primary Care Manager.



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