Feb. 26 The appointment line 785-239-3627 is currently down. Please use 1-888-239-3627 to call for an appointment.

TRICARE Outage Impact to Pharmacies

A reported cyberattack on the nation’s largest commercial prescription processor, Change Healthcare, has affected military clinics and hospitals worldwide. On Feb. 21, Change Healthcare disconnected their systems to protect patient information. This is impacting all military pharmacies worldwide and some retail pharmacies nationally.
Fort Riley pharmacies are currently filling outpatient prescriptions manually until this issue is resolved. Pharmacy will give priority to urgent prescriptions followed by routine prescriptions. Please be patient as it will take longer than usual to safely fill prescriptions.
Active Duty Service Members are encouraged to go to Farrelly Health Clinic pharmacy for urgent prescription needs.
For more information, visit the TRICARE Patient Portal Outages page..

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Family Member or Retiree

Before traveling to a specialty care facility, family members or retirees must provide a TRICARE authorization to the IACH Patient Travel Office. Patients will receive an invitational travel authorization for reimbursement.

IACH is responsible for initiating, processing and funding specialty inpatient or outpatient treatment for retirees and dependent family members. Patients who are dependents or retirees traveling for medical care will be reimbursed expenses only.

Itemized Receipts

All paid itemized receipts must be dated for the time period and locality authorized for travel to/from the specialty care facility. Receipts that are illegible, tampered with or not itemized will not be accepted for reimbursement. Prepaid gas receipts will not be accepted.

Meal receipts, not to exceed government Per Diem rate, will be reimbursed for the appointment location and must show paid itemized food purchases. Non-itemized receipts for meals will not be reimbursed. Only the patient’s meals will be reimbursed. Meals for non medical attendants (NMA) must be pre-approved.

Lodging & Meals

Patients must maintain a copy of their paid itemized lodging receipts, if overnight travel is permitted. Overnight lodging for appointment times of 8 am or earlier is reimbursable but must be pre-authorized by the Patient Travel Office. The paid itemized lodging receipt must be in the traveler’s name.

Meals provided during an inpatient stay are covered by TRICARE. IACH will reimburse patients only for meals provided en route to/from their destination.

Documents to Present After Traveling

Upon completion of travel, family members and retirees must present:

  • Confirmation of Specialty Care Form. Patients can also present a signed letter from the treating facility indicating the appointment was kept. The letter must include office letterhead with address, phone number, and signature block.
  • Itemized receipts from authorized expenses. Receipts must be in the patient's name for reimbursement.

Family Member or Retiree


Third floor, Room 3G002, in the four- elevator lobby area.
650 Huebner Road, Fort Riley


(785) 239-7176


Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 4 pm
Closed on federal holidays and select training holidays.

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Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.