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Fill New Prescription

In Person: pull a ticket at any pharmacy location to activate a new prescription or a renewed prescription. Text When Ready Options available vs. waiting in waiting room. Last ticket available for processing at IACH Pharmacy is pulled at 4:15 p.m.
Call Center: Main pharmacy only call 785 239-3627, option 3, option 3. Most prescriptions can be filled by next business day, subject to stock availability and processing time.
Retail Pharmacy: to locate nearest network pharmacy visit

Refill Options

Refill Line: call 785 239-7427 and select your desired pickup location such as the 24/7 Script Center kiosk at the hospital (first time users will need prescription # and ID card when picking up). Express Scripts Home Delivery: no need to wait in line, up to 90-day supply for long-term medications. Call 877 363-1296 or visit

Main Pharmacy Window 7

Go to Window 7: if you called into the Refill Line or you have received a “Ready for pickup” text message. Do not pull a ticket at the kiosk.

Pharmacy Contact & Safety

Contact Number: call 785 239-3627, option 3, option 3.
Assistance Provided: processing new prescriptions, consulting with a clinical pharmacist.
Medication Safety: medication information QR code now included on all medications, paper copies available upon request when medications dispensed.
Unused or Expired: medications can be safely disposed at the main pharmacy MedSafe receptacle.


Fort Riley Automated Refill System(785) 239-7427


ScriptCenter Instructions

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