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What is Virtual Healthcare?

Virtual Health refers to the "virtual visits" that take place between patients and clinicians via communications technology -- the video and audio connectivity that allows "virtual" meetings to occur in real time, from virtually any location. You will be able to visit your provider via a high-definition conference connection from the comfort of your home, on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

How secure is a Virtual Health Appointment?

Just like a normal in-person appointment, a virtual health appointment is private and confidential. It can only be seen by the medical provider involved in your care; it is NOT recorded. 

How does Virtual Health work?

When scheduling your Virtual Health appointment, you will be asked to provide your current email address. Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email in your IN-BOX, check you Spam/Junk folder. On the day of your appointment, you will click the link provided to begin your appointment. A staff member will join you shortly to check you in.

Once you are checked in and the nurse has completed the screen process, you will be in the "waiting room" until the provider joins the appointment. Now you and the provider can see each other and conduct your appointment, just like you would if you were in the clinic setting. 

What is appropriate for Virtual Health?

Follow up visits for things such as rashes, some medication refills, follow up on new medications. 

What is NOT appropriate for Virtual Health?

The following are examples that are not suitable for virtual health. Your provider may determine a clinic in-person appointment is needed based on your medical history and concerns. 

  • Pain medication refills
  • Sleep medication refills
  • Wellness exams for adults and children
  • Concerns for chest pain or difficulty breathing
  • Concerns for ear infections
  • Concerns for strep throat

Important Things to Remember

You should NOT be driving during your appointment. 
Limit distractions. 
Just like clinic appointments, your provider may be running behind. 
Working e-mail on computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

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