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Soldier Recovery Unit

Irwin Army Community Hospital oversees the Soldier Recovery Unit to provide greater care to the Soldiers-in-Recovery. The collaboration between the two organizations facilitates access to care and accommodations for a population that requires daily, sometimes multiple, appointments.

Healing & Transition

The Fort Riley Soldier Recovery Unit is a temporary unit for wounded, injured and ill warriors who have combat and noncombat conditions that are expected to require at least six months of rehabilitative treatment and have complex case management.

The Soldier’s mission while assigned to the SRU is to focus on healing resulting in a successful return to their unit or transition into civilian life.

Soldier Recovery Unit

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5 pm

671 Warrior Road, Fort Riley

Staff Duty NCO

Phone(785) 717-8429


Phone(785) 240-7035


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