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Satisfaction Surveys

Irwin Army Community Hospital is not just a facility that provides healthcare – it’s an Army hospital. We enable the warfighter and enhance the resiliency of Army families.

To that end the IACH team invites you to take ownership of the "Big Red One" Hospital. The Joint Outpatient Experience Survey voices your ownership and support of your hospital. When you complete a patient satisfaction survey that comes in the mail, you are claiming IACH as your hospital.

Financial incentives are linked to each completed JOES survey. Those funds are used to pay for services that enhance your experience of care.

The team at Irwin Army Community Hospital is confident the vast majority of patients are satisfied with their care here. But for various and valid reasons most people are not compelled to complete a survey, even if their experience was satisfactory. Here we wish to convey three reasons you should open that survey letter and fill it out:

3 Reasons to Complete JOES

  • You recognize that hospital services are funded partially by the number of completed JOES surveys (each returned survey generates $1,000 for the “Big Red One” Hospital)
  • You care what happens to your hospital (beneficiaries voice their value of IACH through JOES).
  • You believe that an Army hospital is different than a conventional one (no other hospital gives priority to the warfighter and his or her family).

You Can Help

If you are part of an organization or informal group, invite the IACH team to come and share the latest reports and developing programs. Contact the hospital Public Affairs Office. Provide IACH an opportunity to post marketing materials to promote JOES in your respective organization.
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.