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Centering Pregnancy

Irwin Army Community Hospital brings CenteringPregnancy to the Fort Riley community. It's prenatal care that includes an individual health check-up with additional time and attention in a group setting. Moms will meet with their healthcare provider and other women who are due near the same time for 10 sessions during their pregnancy.

CenteringPregnancy is a way for them to share learning and experiences with other pregnant women and to be involved in their own care:

Expectant Moms Will:

  • Learn more about pregnancy
  • Be better prepared for birth
  • Be better prepared to care for their baby
  • Participate more in their healthcare
  • Have more time with their provider

Time with Centering

Each group visit lasts about two hours. Scheduling in advance makes planning for work and childcare easier. Plus, groups start and end on time so there is no waiting for appointments.

Patients with CenteringPregnancy are exposed to 1,200 minutes worth of prenatal education and support. Contrast that to 120 minutes over the course of six traditional appointments.


Centering Pregnancy

OB Classroom
Third Floor in Room 3G032
650 Huebner Road, Fort Riley

Clinic Phone(785) 239-DOCS
Follow prompts to OB Clinic

By appointment only.

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