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Feature | June 27, 2024

Only 27% Pass

By Jorge Gomez

Will IACH's Soldiers make the cut? The Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) is the ultimate test for Army medical professionals. It pushes them to their physical and mental limits, demanding excellence in medical skills, battlefield evacuation, and combat readiness. But with a brutal historical pass rate of 11-27%, most who try will fail.

Four IACH Soldiers are about to face this grueling challenge. Their test begins Monday, May 6th. Will they have what it takes to join the elite ranks of the EFMB?

Watch and witness their intense training as they prepare to prove their courage, skill, and dedication in the pursuit of medical excellence. Will they defy the odds and earn the coveted badge?

NOTE: At the time of release of this video, the latest test statistics available were from Fiscal Year 2021. According to the EFMB Test Control Office, the pass rate for Fiscal Year 2023 was 33%.
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